Jet Airways Dubai Makes Flying A Pleasure!


Jet Airways is the second largest airline in India. In the international sector, this airline has been providing exceptional services to the customers. Some of the awards it has collected along the way are the Lonely Planet Magazine Travel Award and triple honours for the JetPrivilege program at the Freddie Awards 2012. Overall, they connect to 21 internationals locations that also include Canada, Europe and South East Asia. Currently they operate with 99 flights. Dubai is a wonderful destination and travellers flock aplenty to this place of wonderful opportunities. You can enjoy a very unique journey in the Jet Airways Dubai, if you are planning a UAE trip.
Jet Airways Dubai: Classy and In-Style!
There are benefits for the frequent traveller of this airline. You can be a part of their JetPrivilege if that is so. This special program will allow you to earn more miles which in turn will aid you in getting faster upgrades and tier retention. Those who wish to check out their PNR status in this flight can also find out through the online web check-in facility. You can also book your seats through this facility.
Checking the flight status of your flight can also get you a very relaxed journey without any hindrance otherwise. Some of the flights going to Dubai are; departure at 12:25pm from Mumbai- arrival at 1:55pm in Dubai flight no. 0536, departure at 3:35pm from Mumbai and arrival at 5:10pm in Dubai flight no.O538 etc. These flights are actually daily flights. In fact you can enjoy a very privileged service onboard these Jet Airways Dubai flights!

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